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19 thoughts on “comments

  1. Sylvi says:

    Beautiful website and Kathy is an inspirational teacher of yoga

  2. Great website, really easy to navigate and looks good too!

  3. anna taylor says:

    Wonderful! Should be good classes.

  4. nicola says:

    Refreshing and Intelligent website with iconography that reflects the beauty that you bring to your yoga practice and teaching x

  5. Tamsyn says:

    Love the website! I have been going to Kath’s yoga for two years and it has made a tremendous difference to both my body and my mind. I find that Kath’s yoga has relieved my chronic back pain and helps me to sleep.

  6. Liz Langford says:

    Good to find a yoga practitioner that is so well qualified

  7. June-Marie says:

    Liz makes a good point. Kathy is an excellent teacher because she really knows what she is talking about.

  8. Amanda says:

    Couldn’t agree more with previous posts, loving every thing about this website, the classes and kathy! X

  9. Kat says:

    Lovely website and nice quotes

  10. Mary Marden says:

    Having experienced many yoga teachers in the past, I rate Kathy very highly. The classes are well planned and varied with a calm and encouraging atmosphere. My stiff knees and hips are more flexible. At the end I feel invigorated.

  11. Rose Courage says:

    highly recommend Kathy and her yoga classes. beautiful website, love the graphics and the quotes.

  12. Anji Pawlicki says:

    Kathy is a very kind and caring teacher. With her encouragement I have achieved more than I ever thought possible.

  13. Sylvia Kerry says:

    I have been attending Kathy’s classes for nearly 3 years now and I feel so much more at ease in my body, and more supple. Kathy explains which muscles to engage and her gentle hands on approach means I understand what I am trying to achieve. I always look forward to Tuesday mornings with Kathy.

  14. Sue Scott says:

    Kathy is a passionate & caring yoga teacher. I find her classes both relaxing & challenging for my mature body with all its aches & pains. I emerge from a class feeling as if every sinew of my body has been stretched, which is a great feeling!

  15. Sylvie says:

    It has been such a pleasure to be taught yoga by Kathy. She is an inspirational teacher, teaching how yoga postures should feel in the body. Kathy has given me the knowledge and confidence to practice yoga every day, and as I practice I hear Kathy’s voice guiding me and helping keep me safe. I will miss you Kathy and wish you every success in Devon.

  16. Susan Grigson says:

    Although I was a rather timid student, Kathy has been very supportive and helped me to develop in confidence. My flexibility has improved – and to my delight – so has my balance.

    She is a gifted teacher and I wish I had known her longer.

  17. Mary says:


  18. Mary says:

    Kathy’s yoga classes helped to keep me fit and active in old age; I’m 77. They also gave me a safe space to recover from the demands of being a carer for my husband who has Alzheimer’s.

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